Game of Thrones: Conquest tips and tricks - Dominate Westeros!

Complete your Conquest of Westeros with our advice!

Game of Thrones: Conquest tips and tricks - Dominate Westeros!

You don’t have to wait until next year to revisit Westeros, as you can jump into Game of Thrones: Conquest right now on mobile devices.

There’s a lot to learn about the civilisation and army building mechanics of Conquest, but with our tips you’ll be able to stare Death in the face and say; not today.

Just take a look at our tips and cheats below and get ready to claim your own Iron Throne.

Bare necessities

You’ll need a constant supply of food and wood to keep your fort going in the harsh land of Westeros, not to mention a bunch of other amenities necessary for civilisation.

In front of your fort will be a load of circular pads on the floor, and on each of these you can build Farms, Sawmills, War Tents, Medical Tents and more. There’s no sense in leaving loads blank!

Feel free to build second or even third farms or sawmills, and then build others when necessary.

Work for idle hands

Once you’ve got Stables and Training Barracks, you’ll need to start making soldiers, and there’s no sense in leaving things idle.

If you’re not getting involved, then those buildings aren’t churning out new members of your army. Tap the helm icon on the right of the screen to access Troop Training, and make sure to keep these guys busy instead of leaving them idle.

You’ll be getting new units, traps and more quickly - make sure to make a variety of troop types too, for different situations!

The Maester’s Tower

The Maester’s Tower will be able to be built when you reach Keep level 3, and here will open up loads of new options for your army.

For example, in the beginning you can only have your army attack one point at any one time. With the Maester’s Tower, you’ll be able to unlock access to multiple marches, with your troops dominating the lands much more quickly.

There’s loads of things to upgrade and expand from Maester’s Tower, from researching new economic policies to improving your military - this is an essential building that you should come back to regularly.

Keep upgrading

In order to progress your fort, you’ll want to upgrade almost everything almost all of the time - sadly, you only have access to a single builder unless you have items to unlock a temporary second or third.

But you’ll often have access to a FREE instant upgrade option once the timer starts ticking down, especially in the early stages of upgrading where the timer is short. If you lack that, you can optionally use timer skip items, which can skip 1 or 5 minutes, and you can use as many as you like.

Using these you’ll get your fort upgraded from level 1 to 5 or higher in less than an hour or play.

On the march

Once you’ve amassed a military, it’s time to get marching on some enemies, or even gathering supplies from the rest of Westeros.

On the map where you select your marches, you’ll see other player’s forts - not recommended for attacking until you’re more formidable - and a bunch of enemies with their levels hovering over their heads.

At first you’ll want level 1 and 2 enemies before moving onto bigger prizes, but you can also send your army to march out to different spots to harvest materials for further expansion.

There’s no sense in keeping your army idle for most of the time, so you might as well make sure they keep defeating monsters and gathering materials to earn their keep.