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Galcon Legends
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A stream of triangles flows out from my home base. My armada. A jumbled mess of tri-cornered warships destined to colonise a greyed-out planetoid on the far reaches of the battlefield.

Or, more likely, to be crushed by enemy forces before they even get the chance to land.

Much like its predecessor, Galcon Legends is a game of numbers. Though weight of arms will always lead to victory in skirmishes, you do need a solid strategy and some nimble fingers if you want to wipe your opponent off the map and win the day.

Galcon power

The game is spread across a single campaign in which you play as a bill collector drawn into a galactic conflict. The plot, for what it's worth, plays second fiddle to the actual battles, acting as a way for the dev to introduce different AI routines into the gameplay.

There are plenty of scraps to get into, though, each weighted in myriad different ways. Sometimes, you're fighting a single opponent across a balanced battlefield. Other times, it's a 2-on-3 fight to the death where keeping your allies alive is as important as downing your foes.

Each level is a series of planets with a number in the middle. That represents the number of ships (or triangles) it's going to take to conquer it. The aim is to conquer so many worlds that your opponent doesn't have either ships or ground left.

You launch an armada by tapping the planet(s) you want to unleash, and the destination to which you want them to head. Via a button in the bottom right of the screen, you can select the percentage of ships to send (25, 50, 75, or 100 percent).

Different opponents have different strategies and talents for you to overcome. The Banjo King's fleets are super-fast, the Crab Lord has a planet-devouring engine, and the Slug Princess can enchant planets to her banner.

Legends of the triangle

Galcon Legends doesn't feel as fresh as the original did back when the latter surfaced on the App Store in 2008. Saying that, there's still a neat minimalist strategy game here.

On the easier difficulty setting, casual players stand a chance. The unlockable tougher settings, meanwhile, will present a challenge for veterans.

Galcon Legends isn't the complete package by any means - a multiplayer option would be nice, for starters. But if you're looking for some quick-fire RTS fun on the go, Galcon Legends fits the bill pretty nicely.

Galcon Legends

A sharp, snappy RTS with little frippery, Galcon Legends isn't a classic, but it's still a lot of fun