New Releases | Preferred Partner Feature Space Arena blasts off on iOS and Android

Cosmic PvP incoming Space Arena blasts off on iOS and Android Space Arena has just docked on Google Play and the App Store, bringing PvP battles with a cosmic twist to tablets and smartphones in a galaxy near you.

GameSpire’s free-to-play offering pits players against one another in arena contests, except in this case, the areas are situated in deep space. This means swerving asteroids and other galactic debris as you open fire on opponents with your craft’s futuristic laser canons.

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The online shooter rewards players with points for every rival spacecraft they shoot down, and these can be used to customise and pimp up your ship, or buy a brand new one, if you prefer.

Hotshot pilots can also upgrade their stats by collecting Crystals, which are the key to levelling up and unlocking new abilities, such as speed boosts, extra bullet damage and more. Combining these skills is the key to becoming an unpredictable opponent.

Reaching the top of the leaderboard is the ultimate goal in, and the more you play, slay and upgrade, the better chance you’ll have of achieving that feat. Space Arena is available now on iOS and Android devices.