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Gaia Project is an asynchronous strategy game letting you take control of a galaxy, out now on Android and iOS

Gaia Project is an asynchronous strategy game letting you take control of a galaxy, out now on Android and iOS
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Starting off as a PC game, Gaia Project is a strategy-based game created by Digidice. It launched on Steam on May 31st and has now finally been ported over to the ever-growing mobile gaming space. Gaia Project is set in a galaxy called Terra Mystica, featuring 14 different factions who want to colonize the galaxy peacefully without causing too much of a revolt.

You will be given a choice of factions at the start of the game. Pick from one of the 14 and begin your quest to make Terra Mystica the new home for everyone belonging to your group. Each of these factions is unique and follows different principles of living. And, as such, they have different environmental needs to survive on any given planet.

Fulfilling needs requires skill and skill requires practice. This has made the factions achieve mastery in terraforming, allowing them to choose a planet suitable to their whims and fancy, before making it their forever home. You have to master the same skill.


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Through the course of the Gaia Project, you will be sent on missions to colonize new planets, upgrade structures like mines on pre-existing planets into better assemblies and be a politician by uniting planets and forming federations. You must also research and discover better technological options because that is how society will evolve.

You are in quite a strong position and must take responsibility for it. What kind of a leader are you going to be? One that believes in establishing trade relations with other factions by expanding near them? Or one that prefers to be isolated from everyone else in a remote region, allowing for free expansion?

You can play alone or even against three of your friends locally. With an easy tutorial and non-violent theme, this is the perfect game to sit back and strategize with. Download Gaia Project for a premium of $9.99 on the App Store and Google Play.

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