Gamescom '12: Hands-off with Funky Smugglers

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Gamescom '12: Hands-off with Funky Smugglers
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Airport security isn't exactly the most obvious area to focus on for a casual game, but, then again, 11 bit studios isn't a developer I'd necessarily associate with casual games, either.

The Polish company looks set to bring its trademark polish (excuse the pun) to the genre with Funky Smugglers - a game about as far removed from the studio's tower offence hit Anomaly Warzone Earth as you can get.

Flight of fancy

In Funky Smugglers, you man the X-ray machines at the airport, in a setup which is something more akin to Total Recall (the original) than the usual baggage check.

Passengers ranging from old grannies to suspicious-looking characters with big hats walk through the scanner, and your task is to sweep the orange items hidden under their clothes away before they get through security.

Making things a little more complicated is the presence of green items that shouldn't be removed and a combo timer. Sweep and holding an item under your finger starts the timer, which ticks down as you keep your finger depressed.

The game, therefore, becomes a test of your juggling chops - letting go and catching the items you've gathered before the combo runs out, and ensuring you don't accidentally sweep up the wrong thing while you do so.

Full body search

It's a fairly simple title, then, but one that's made eminently more appealing by the quality of the graphics and the silly tone of the game.

Regarding the former, your passengers are 3D models that transition smoothly as they pass under the scanner. Regarding the latter, the granny who bumbles along with a walking stick hiding a series of comedy bombs under her grey mop (complete with rope fuses) is darkly comedic.

We'll find out if Funky Smugglers stands up to more detailed scrutiny when the game launches on Android and iOS later in the year.

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