Friday Freebie: PSP Minis Kahoots demo, some 8-bit rock and roll and...

...all of the iPhone's regulars

Friday Freebie: PSP Minis Kahoots demo, some 8-bit rock and roll and...
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Those of you following our GC 09 coverage throughout the week may well have caught our positively gushing hands-on of Kahoots, Honeyslug’s PSP Minis launch title.

Well, we’ve had our chance to have a go and now it’s your turn, as Honeyslug has a very nice little flash demo of the game available on its site, where you can play through several levels and get thoroughly acquainted with the game’s unique style.

By unique style we mean singing Peg Beast. If you don’t fall uncontrollably in love with it instantly, you're probably not human. We don’t judge - we just says it like we sees it.

Moving on, for those of you who have always yearned for your dusty discarded consoles of yesteryear to stop giving you pleading looks from the corner of the garage and actually do something useful for a change, like club together to form a Weezer tribute band (we’ve all been there), then today’s your lucky day.

Pterodactyl Squad is a supergroup composed of various video game affiliated recording artists that have performed the ingenious feat of compiling a Weezer covers album using old gameboys, homebrew emulators and more than a few drops of genius. The entire album is available for download here and it doesn’t cost a penny.

As for the good old iPhone, well, you know where to go. There’s The Free iPhone Games Trawler Report and our iPhone gaming podcast. And there’s also the Freebie Archive which contains every Friday Freebie published over the last three years

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