Friday Freebie: mobile Sudoku

Be warned though, it's no-frills

Friday Freebie: mobile Sudoku
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The best things in life are free, according to Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross. And while something tells me they weren't strictly talking about mobile sudoku, the theory's about to be put to the test by MobileRated.com.

The site is offering a free version of sudoku, called M-SuDoKu (its wonky capitalisation, not ours). It promises a virtually unlimited number of games to play, multiple language support, and a choice of two difficulty levels.

The game will also let you choose your background image, and skip puzzles if you get stuck. As you may have guessed, it's very much a no-frills implementation of sudoku compared to some of the commercial versions out there, like Gameloft's Platinum Sudoku.

Bear in mind too, that while virtually unlimited levels sounds good, other publishers have made a feature of the fact that their sudoku games feature a set number of hand-designed levels.

None of this is to put down M-SuDoKu, of course, but just to give you a sense of what the difference is between it and its paid-for rivals. Nevertheless, bargain hunters with a bent for numerical puzzles may wish to check it out.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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