Friday Freebie

Countless costless PSP magazines and free Vivendi mobile games

Friday Freebie
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While out manically swinging our freebie net around, we managed to snag it on one of the jagged corners of the internet, tearing a sizable hole and making it a little harder to bag the gratis gaming carrion that flutters through the ether of cyberspace (is cyberspace still acceptable web vernacular?).

That means that we only have two for you this week, but both are so crammed with stuff it's getting to the point where the content is encroaching on negative space.

The first is a site called perooz and if you're able to read all of the issues of the digital magazines contained within its archives before Christmas, then you're lucky to have so much free time. There are up-to-date PSP versions of Rolling Stone, The Onion, Esquire, The New Yorker and loads more magazines, all of which are free to download and helpfully organized by date.

There are also some comics that you might have come across before in our PSP comics feature, which if you haven't had a good look at yet includes a brief description of how to transfer this sort of content to your PSP.

The second freebie is a revisit to GameJump, which recently announced that it's to start offering Vivendi Games in a free ad-funded flavor.

Initial titles available include a series of Garfield games, After Dark: Flying Toaster and Amy's Hangman. We urge you to go and download these titles as it might encourage Vivendi to publish some of its triple-A titles, like Urban Attack and Office Wars. Well, if you don't try, you don't get.

Okay, that's your lot for now but remember DSers, the Wii DS demo channel is on the way and as soon as it lands, the Friday Freebie will be a much less arid DS freebie scraping ground.

Do also take a minute to have a leaf through the Freebie archive if you haven't already and be sure to click 'Track It!' to catch next week's batch.