Friday Freebie

Zombies shuffle onto PSP and leave little else in their wake

Friday Freebie
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| Friday Freebie

The week has been exceptionally busy for us, not least because we've been rushing around the vast halls of the Leipzig Games Convention, gobbling up pocket gaming news.

After scouring each stand for costless gaming swag (i.e. anything not bolted to the ground), we inevitably came to the conclusion the show was decidedly light on freebies this year. All we've come away with is a Sony camping seat, a pair of WiiFit socks and a CD featuring tracks from Germany's 'finest' punksters, Die Toten Hosen.

Not exactly the greatest haul in the world but then that wasn't our purpose there. Besides, at least any of you who weren't able to make it to the event can at least relax in the knowledge that you didn't miss out on much. See? We do care.

Then again, the Friday Freebie is not about you lot going to where the freebies are, but rather us bringing the freebies to you.

As such, PSP owners get more in the way of free video this week, with a download of the black and white classic George A Romero horror flick, Night of the Living Dead from the good folk over at PSPSet. All you need to do is follow this link, right click on the download link and finally select 'Save link as'. Then it's just a simple matter of moving the file over to your PSP.

The site also contains other video downloads, such as a selection of classic Warner Bros cartoons, as well as a load of extreme sports shorts, movie trailers and music videos.

And that unfortunately is all we have for you in the way of fresh freebies this week – sorry. But just in case you missed them, the pages of Pocket Gamer have in the last few days also featured the new Worms: Open Warfare 2 demo for PSP and the news that Glu is set to offer mobile game demos via over-the-air download as opposed to its current web based approach.

Enough to keep your portable devices well fed for another seven days, then.

Yet, while we're here, if there are any specific areas of that you'd like to find out more about via the Friday freebie – such as which ad-funded mobile gaming sites are the best or what the finest PSP video conversion tools are – then let us know in our forum so that we can organize some special editions in the future. We like nothing better than to run a tailored service, after all.

In the meantime why not check out our packed freebie archive, or click 'Track It!' to receive an alert for subsequent edition.