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Friday Freebie
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Hi ho, freebie seekers! Yes, we know it's late (in the UK anyhow) so we'll keep it short and crack on with a couple of quick giveaways to keep you going through the weekend.

1. Try Call of Duty 3 for free on your mobile
Right you 'orrible lot, eyes front and centre. As those of you who have been paying attention will know, Call of Duty 3 is released today on console and to celebrate the fact you can download a free demo version of the mobile game.

The demo takes in most of the first level: after a brief tutorial, you'll find yourself hurled into the battle of Saint-Lo alongside the American 29th Infantry Division.

To join up, simply text 'DUTY1 DEMO' to 80208 (charged at your usual text rate) and you'll be sent a wap link to the download.

2. Earn some free time via PSP game saves
You've probably heard stories of online gamers hiring players to do the boring, repetitive work for them. Whilst we feel that this is rather dirty pool, we can sympathise with the motivation behind it.

Gaming takes time and it can sometimes be repetitive. Wouldn't it be great if sometimes you could just skip to the juicy stuff without having to put in all the hours?

That's what's on offer via the downloadable game saves over at PSP Vault.

Although not all the new releases are covered, there's plenty of saved games on there, so you're bound to find something of interest. Obviously, you need the full copy of the game to play.

We'll be back again next Friday, so as usual click 'Track It!' to be reminded when we post more free stuff. And if you do spot an inside track on another hot freebie, then mail us and let us share it with the pocket gaming world.

Chris James
Chris James
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