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Friday Freebie
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This week, we've been reduced from an eagle-eyed freebie predator, preying on defenceless costless content with ruthless efficiency, to flightless bird brains pecking at the barren ground and chewing on nothing but dust.

In short, pickings are slim.

But never fear, with a catalogue as vast and as expansive as the Friday Freebie archive, there are always sites worth a revisit.

The first of those, then, is Atom Films, which we mentioned a while back in our 23 places to get free PSP content (legally!) feature. To recap, Atom Films is less 'me-and-my-friends-made-this-video-of-us -doing-a-silly-dance-coz-we-were-bored' and more 'I-submitted-this -short-as-my-final-piece-at-film-school'.

As such, it has a decidedly arty slant. Don't let that put you off, though, as there is also a decent slab of quirky offbeat humour in there, too, and a selection of the videos are free to download in PSP and iPod form.

The other site that you should already have bookmarked by now is the fantastic GameJump. The ad-funded mobile game site has been quiet over the last few months, giving us cause to fear that it was going to fade away and die. A visit this week, however, reveals that the main page has finally been updated with some new featured titles – Governator II and One Million Robots – both of which are worth the 'asking price'.

And that's it, that's your lot for this week. We are off to sharpen our claws and hone our reflexes so that we can come back fighting next week. As ever, if you have turned up a worthy pocket-based freebie on your travels through the vast plains of the internet, be sure to let us know in our forum.

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