Friday Freebie

Sometimes freebies turn up in the unlikeliest of places

Friday Freebie
| Friday Freebie

If you're looking for free stuff, a shop is probably not the place to start. And, no, two-for-ones don't count in our book.

Yet, a shop is where we're headed for freebies first this week. Can you guess where? That's right, it's the brand new PSP Store. It launched in PC form this week meaning that you no longer need to own a PlayStation 3 in order to get at goodies such as PSone games or PSP downloadable titles.

But that's not what we're interested in. We're after the free stuff you wouldn't expect to find in a 'store', but which you'll find in Sony's new online PSP boutique.

There are demos, many of which you may have already played before (LocoRoco, Ridge Racer 2, MGS Portable Ops, etc), as well as loads of much more up-to-date gaming trailers, movie trailers and themes, all of which are free to download. Five minutes after registering at the site we had a PSP with a XrossMediaBar resembling biscuits (Cookie theme) and a Memory Stick loaded with WipEout Pulse and Flow, as well as Beowulf and Hitman game and movie trailers, respectively.

Here's hoping it's updated with free tid-bits regularly – which it should, obviously – but in the meantime why not pay it a visit to see what costless gaming canapés can be had?

The second and last freebie this week (hey, quality not quantity) is yet another web-based DS demo, this time for the recently released Sonic Rush Adventure. The demo is in English for a change and features a level in which you have to guide Sonic down a 3D water course in a speedboat, collecting as many rings as possible on your way. There's even a virtual stylus for you to do all of the blue hedgehog wielding with and even as a web demo it's lots of fun.

That's if for this week, then. If you're looking for something mobile and feeling a bit left out this week, never fear: our Freebie Archive is overflowing with all sorts of lovely bits and pieces, no matter what format you favour.

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