Friday Freebie

At Pocket Gamer, Christmas comes once a week

Friday Freebie
DS + PSP + Java
| Friday Freebie

The season of goodwill is fast approaching. Indeed, there are only 39 shopping days left until Christmas. We bet that occupies your every waking thought.

What it does mean is you only really have a handful of weeks where you can justifiably get away with being regarded a general skinflint before you're officially branded a scrooge. So take this opportunity to really revel in the joys of rewards not worked for as we bring you the latest Friday Freebie.

First up this week is another PSP demo, this time from the good folks over at PSP Fanboy. The game is called (take a deep breath) Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaiki da, which – to save you the hassle of wrestling with all those alien pairings of diphthongs and a Spoken Japanese dictionary – translates as For a Hero, You're Pretty Impudent. Deliciously off-beat, we think you'll agree.

To be honest, as far as the actual game goes, simple as it appears, making sense of the demo hasn't been easy being that it's entirely in Japanese. So do tell us what you can, should any of you figure it out.

Next up is a bit of DS homebrew, something that we'll be featuring less and less of on the Friday Freebie in the New Year (roll on the Wii DS demo channel). For now, though, draw stereo is a program that enables you to draw stereograms on your DS. No idea what a stereogram is? Neither did we, so we looked it up. Apparently it's a 3D picture on a flat plane, similar to those infuriating magic eye pictures that were popular in the '90s.

Not to be left behind, mobiles are also getting the freebie treatment this week, courtesy of Gameloft. The site currently has a selection of demos, including Real Football 2007, Shrek the Third, Desperate Housewives and Brain Challenge, all of which are available in teaser form at no cost.

Lastly, some us news. Granted, it's not a freebie per se, but we've launched a new Video Section on the site that is packed with pocket gaming related clips. They can't be downloaded but we won't charge you a single penny to watch them – not that we could if we wanted to, mind. But if we could, we wouldn't, and that's really the sentiment that counts.

And on that shameless plug, we bid you a pleasant week of playing demos, painting strange 3D pictures and watching gaming clips. Click 'Track It!' to catch next week's FF offering.