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Friday Freebie
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Over the last few weeks we've treated owners of mobile phones and Sony PSP to their own dedicated Friday Freebies. This time round it's the turn of the iPodders.

Yes, to celebrate the launch of the new iPod models, as well as the latest announcement about this new gizmo called the iPhone (apparently all the kids want one!), we donned our shiniest single-coloured clothes, popped in our ear-buds and went off in search of gratis iGaming goodies.

First and most definitely foremost in terms of freebie volume are the cornucopia of trivia quizzes on everything from The Simpsons and Lost to Winnie the Pooh and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which are available at iPod Arcade.

And if, by chance, there's still not enough trivia on offer then you can make your quiz game to challenge chums by entering your questions and answers into the Game Maker page.

Similarly, those people who shelled out for the rather fabulous (and at 79p virtually free) iQuiz can add their own quiz questions via the free iQuiz maker app or download the hundreds already available at iQuizShare.

Should you tire of trivia questions, iPod Arcade also offers a pleasing variation on a theme in the form of simple but engaging text-based adventure games, which are good for an extra few hours amusement.

If you're feeling less active and just want to drool over the latest console games when on the tube, there's always the official games trailers to download from the Apple trailer site and of course the official Apple iPod games site is well worth keeping tabs on as it often features free demos of new releases.

Though not strictly games-related, there's a similar glut of free software, guide books, translators and the like at coolgorrilla and the World of Warcraft guide at Mogopop is also deserving of a mention.

iDoom game on iPod For ultimate geek gratis gaming however you can't beat the old chestnut that is iDoom - basically Doom on your iPod via Linux operating system.

Granted it's a bit fiddly to set up (and suffice to say you'll void your Apple warranty) but the result is a good deal more entertaining than James Blunt on a long journey home.

And sadly that's it for iPod gaming goodness this week, although there's plenty more freebies for fans of Apple's multimedia marvel, as well as DS, PSP and mobile pocket gamers in our freebie archive.

Of course, iPod gaming fans should take this opportunity to bookmark our dedicated section where you can discover the latest news and read reviews of new official titles.

N.B. We apologise for the delay in posting this week's Friday Freebie, however our regular freebie hunter Fraser has been tapping away so intently in search of costless cheer that he was struck down with RSI. We naturally wish him a speedy recovery and have sent him our very best wishes (via a free e-card naturally).