Friday Freebie: A random .hack// Link PSP demo, nothing on DS and...

...something every day from now until Xmas with the Appvent calendar

Friday Freebie: A random .hack// Link PSP demo, nothing on DS and...
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It’s Friday, and there are only three Fridays to go until Christmas. That means there are only three Friday Freebies before we all lose ourselves in an orgy of Turkey, new socks, falling asleep in-front of the TV, and complaining bitterly about the lack of snow.

Hopefully that will be enough time for Sony to get its act together.

After a month or so of fantastic freebie pickings on the PSP Store, everything this side of the pond has dried up. The US has been treated to a demo of LittleBigPlanet, which will hopefully be granted a European release soon. If you simply must have your fix, however, you could download the Japanese demo of the anime game .hack// Link.

It’s an odd name and we can only guess it’s something to do with loveless and lonely geeky hackers discovering an alternative reality in which they're the coolest cats in town, squealing guitar solos accompany their every move, and adoring scantily clad female characters fawn over them like frisky hamsters. We’ve never played it - if anyone has, do let us know if we’re close.

On the DS, there’s not even a sack of coal. You could always get a free bride by marrying a character from a DS game, but that's both unhealthy and tragic. We’d advise striking the DS from your Christmas card list for now.

On the iPhone, however, the fantastic Appvent Calendar (see what they did there) is a great place to get yourself a free, or at least significantly reduced, iPhone game every day from now until the 25th. Not really a freebie by the usual definition, but worth a look all the same.

And of course there’s always the free iPhone game Trawler Report and the iPhone gaming podcast to offer costless portable gaming entertainment. And that, dear friends, is all there is for now.

Click ‘Track It!’ to be sure not to miss out on next week’s sack. Ho Ho Ho!