Friday Freebie: A PSP Dissidia: Final Fantasy demo, something unnanounced for DS...

...and a top recommendation for a free iPhone game

Friday Freebie: A PSP Dissidia: Final Fantasy demo, something unnanounced for DS...
| Friday Freebie

If you like the idea of JRPGs, but can’t stomach plots about moody metrosexuals riding about on giant chickens, trying to save a once green and verdant land from an insidious dark force *ducks as a horde of Final Fantasy fans hurl rotten vegetables*, the the demo of Dissidia: Final Fantasy that has just appeared on the European PSP Store should serve you well.

Of course Dissidia: Final Fantasy does have the obligatory bonkers story, but it’s the fighting, not the cut-scenes, that takes centre stage, and you can engage in all manner of impossibly acrobatic battles, all doused in more shimmering and unexplainable explosions of light than a Jean-Michel Jarre concert.

The game is released today in Europe (though it’s been out in Japan for a while now) so it's well worth paying the PSP Store a visit to get a freebie preview.

We also have a demo on DS, though not by any conventional route. Just last week, Hudson (of Bomberman fame) mistakenly outed a WII/DS version of Rooms: The Main Building, swiftly removing the product page once the slip up was noticed.

It seems, however, that the game is going to be based heavily on the PC version of Rooms: The Main Building, which you can download a free demo of from the Big Fish Games site. The demo only lasts for one hour, so make sure you have a slot free to run through it when you snaffle it.

On iPhone this week, we are going to assume that you already know about the The Trawler Report and the iPhone gaming podcast and point you instead towards the free game Word Ace on the App Store.

No doubt the strange and wonderful result of a night of passion between the games Scrabble and Texas Hold 'em, Word Ace is a charmingly addictive little title and as good a free game as you’re likely to find. Go and get it now.

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