Friday Freebie 5

Multiplayer demo games for mobile as well as N-Gage goodies

Friday Freebie 5
N-Gage + DS + Game Boy ...
| Friday Freebie

It's Friday afternoon again, which means the weekend's nearly here and you get to fritter away all your hard earned cash on entertaining yourself. In an effort to stop you adding to the UK's burgeoning debt crisis, we're continuing with our mission to point out fun for free.

1. Free N-Gage game demos and stuff
The new N-Gage platform still a good six months off, but Nokia's fancy games downloading shop is keeping the original format ticking over.

As well as offering a range of games at a cut-down price (High Seize, One and Mile High Pinball are just €9.99 each), the shop also enables you to download demo versions of games for free.

As if that weren't enough (And let's face it, it isn't – Ed), there's plenty more N-Gage freebies including wallpapers, N-Gage Arena Launcher Skins and other cool stuff from the download section.

2. Free mobile Tetris clone
If the mobile charts are anything to go by, chances are you've already bought a copy of Tetris for your mobile. But in the unlikely event that you haven't, or if you just fancy a variation on the block-stacking theme, then you could do worse than check out this free copy of S-Tris as originally revealed by our intrepid mobile editor, Stuart Dredge. (What? A reprise of the Thursday Freebie? Half a job James today, eh? – Ed).

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Also, do you have an inside track on a hot freebie, or are you a developer itching to share your genius with the world, gratis? You are? Why that's marvellous – mail us and tell us all about it.

Chris James
Chris James
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