Friday Freebie 4

Videos for your PSP and classic platform action for Game Boy

Friday Freebie 4
N-Gage + DS + Game Boy ...
| Friday Freebie

Whaddya mean it's not Friday? Blimey, people want the moon on a stick these days. Look on the bright side and check out the free stuff...

1. Promo videos for PSP
There's a fine line between advert and entertainment and these promos available from the media packed Heavy.com straddle it rather nicely. As well as some smart skateboarding moves showing off trainers and movie trailers, there's original programming like American Suck and The Colossus Whisperer.

2. Qwak demo for GBA
If you're in the mood for some classic platform action then this could be eggs-actly what you're after! The demo of the GBA remake of the Amiga remake of the BBC Micro original Qwak is available for GBA consoles with a flash cartridge or via a free PC emulator (links from the site) at Qwak.

3. Free Sudoku on mobile
We're popping back to GameJump.com for this freebie version of Ultimate Sudoku, one of the Ozura Mobile games that have been added to the line up. As usual you have to sign over some details and agree to be exposed to advertising, but if you're too hard up to splash out the usual £5 then what do you expect?

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Chris James
Chris James
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