Friday Freebie 2

Zelda on your mobile for zilch, free flicks for PSP and DS demos without the dinari

Friday Freebie 2
N-Gage + DS + Game Boy ...
| Friday Freebie

The second in our weekly feature (well weekly-ish) brings you more wondrous pocket content without the need for wonga.

1. Zelda on mobile
A demo of an amateur Zelda remake to be precise, but a pretty accurate one by all accounts (and free, remember!). When we asked our legal team about the licensing rights behind Zelda Mobile, they shut all the doors and hid under their desks, so if you're so inclined you should probably investigate the creator's jad/jar files now, before Nintendo gets too interested.

2. Short movies for PSP
Can't justify forking out for a UMD? We feel your pain. Instead, why not cram your memory card with free short flicks from AtomFilms? They've repurposed these video clips to fit your PSP (as well as something called an… iPod?). Naturally the quality isn't all top notch, but there's plenty of gems to be discovered, such as the superb Venice Beach (watch out Pixar) and the really rather cool Long Road Home.

3. Free demos for DS
Apparently, there's this brilliant site that shows you how you can download free game demos for your DS – oh hang on, that's us, hurrah! Click here for the How To and start filling your dual-screened boots!

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And finally, calling all misers! Do you have an inside track on a hot freebie or are you a developer itching to share your genius with the world, gratis? You are? Why that's marvellous – mail us and tell us all about it.

Chris James
Chris James
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