FreeAppADay app coming to iPhone soon

Making it even easier to bag yourself some free stuff

FreeAppADay app coming to iPhone soon
| FreeAppADay

It'll soon be even easier to get free games every day for your iPhone.

The popular app site is getting its own iPhone app, which will link you straight to the free game in the App Store every day.

You'll also be able to let the FAAD guys know which games you want to see going free in the future using the 'My Wish' feature.

If you use FAAD frequently, you'll be aware that sometimes games remain free for a few days afterwards. The app will let you know which games are still going free after their set date.

A couple of screenshots have been released, showing the title screen and the main menu for the app.

Click the image above to check them out while you wait for the FreeAppADay app to turn up on the App Store.