News launches FreeiPadAppDay

Daily free iPad app service starts with Pukk HD launches FreeiPadAppDay
| FreeAppADay is great for picking up a free iPhone game every day.

Now with the new kid on the block iPad getting all app-happy, we're going to need a place to grab free iPad apps from.

Take a bow, the very cleverly named

At the moment, the URL is pointing into a specific iPad section of the main FreeAppADay site, but over time, it will branch out into its own site.

And, of course, each day, the FIAAD team will be throwing a free iPad apps your way.

To get the wheels rolling, Pukk HD from developer CobraMobile is the first free title available.

Pukk HD is a 2-player Pong-style game, with the paddles controlled from opposite ends of the iPad simultaneously.

So if you've grabbed yourself an iPad, make sure you check FreeiPadAppADay for the latest games for nought.