Frankie Dettori's Horse Racing 07 joins the mobile stable

Saddle up for some equine management

Frankie Dettori's Horse Racing 07 joins the mobile stable

Those of you who follow horse racing will know that Frankie Dettori just won the Derby. What you might not know is that he may be set to win over a legion of mobile gamers too, with a new Dettori-branded title, Horse Racing 07.

Aimed at simulating the sport in a Championship Manager with horses kind of a way, instead of arcade-style gameplay there's an in-depth stable management system. You're given complete control of a stable and are in charge of everything from the horse's training and diet and employing jockeys and trainers to handpicking races that best fit your horses.

Horse racing is big business, and as a stable owner you will need to keep your steeds in tip top condition through rigorous training regimes. You'll also have to make shrewd business decisions to ensure your stable stays out of the red.

You will be able to breed and sell horses for profit, which you can them reinvest in upgrading your training facilities. Come race time you'll need to know your stable well enough to match the right jockey to the right horse and the right race, too.

With other horse training mobile games (such as Pippa Funnell Horse Riding Academy) taking a gentler, hanging out in the fields and pleating tails approach, Horse Racing 07's management gameplay might just set it apart as Dettori's next triumph.

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