Must-have iOS puzzler Framed goes free for Australia Day

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Must-have iOS puzzler Framed goes free for Australia Day
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Framed - the ultra-original iOS puzzler and one of Pocket Gamer's favourite apps of 2014 - is available for free for a limited time, in celebration of Australia Day.

The game plays out like a comic book, where each page depicts your hero getting caught or killed by the police. It's only by rearranging the order of the panels that you can change the outcome and help your character get away.

Things start getting tricky when you can spin panels around, and even more the little comic book windows while the action plays out.

The whole thing is backed up with a smoky jazz soundtrack and gorgeous silhouette visuals, giving the game a luscious film noir-inspired vibe.

Framed is a great example of thr creativity that can still be found on iOS, and a clever puzzle game to boot. Run, don't walk, to the App Store to get this freebie.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
Mark Brown spent several years slaving away at the Steel Media furnace, finally serving as editor at large of Pocket Gamer before moving on to doing some sort of youtube thing.