Comic book puzzler FRAMED is the best Android game this week

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Comic book puzzler FRAMED is the best Android game this week
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FRAMED is, at its heart, a puzzler but its body is where the real bulk of its interest lies.

It takes place inside a film noir-style comic book, with you playing as a secret agent trying to escape from police and nasty criminals who are all trying to get at the contents of your briefcase.

You have to try and predict upcoming disasters, and swap the pages of the comic book around to account for them in order to finish a level unharmed.

As an example, you may see your character running directly towards an enemy in the next frame. If you swap that frame with another with, say, a ladder in it, he'll climb it and, hopefully, be above the enemy when he eventually reaches him.

It gets a lot more complicated than that in later levels when a variety of different pitfalls threaten the lives of the two characters under your control, and there may only be one route through the level.

But trial and error is what FRAMED does best. After all, you could just read a comic book if you wanted to watch someone succeed all the time.

If you'd like to check it out, head on over to Google Play [download] or the App Store [download].

Chris James
Chris James
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