Essential iOS puzzler Framed is coming to Android this month

iOS edition sells a million

Essential iOS puzzler Framed is coming to Android this month
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Good news for Android gamers: The ultra innovative iOS puzzler Framed will arrive on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore on August 27th, courtesy of Noodlecake Games.

The game looks like a comic book, and on each page our spy hero is caught, captured, or killed by the police. To get through, you'll have to rearrange the panels so you can evade the coppers.

Soon you'll have panels you can rotate, and other clever twists. The whole thing is drawn up in a slick noir-inspired visual style and backed by a jazzy soundtrack.

We loved it on iOS, saying "a bright light in a increasingly dull genre, Framed is a puzzler with enough going for it that you can look past its little problems".

And others did too: developer Loveshack says it has shifted a million copies of Framed.

"This is a big deal for a premium game, and we're pretty happy we stuck to our guns and released a premium game on Apple's App Store," says Loveshack's Joshua Boggs.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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