Fortnite is bringing a number of changes to the Ranked Mode as Season Zero continues

Fortnite is bringing a number of changes to the Ranked Mode as Season Zero continues

It’s been a few weeks since Epic Games released the highly anticipated Ranked Mode in Fortnite and it has been quite successful. Season Zero has provided a good training ground for both developers and players and the aim is to continue to let it do so all the way up to the end of the upcoming Season 3.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Fortnite’s Ranked Mode won’t see any changes for the next few months. The devs are testing out a bunch of stuff in order to create an awesome experience for competitive players. As we near the end of C4S2, a number of changes have already been implemented to make things smoother.

The primary issue was the queue times, which were a result of extremely stringent matchmaking protocols. As of now, these parameters have been loosened a touch, to ensure no one has to wait too long. What it also does is that it slightly raises the error rate, meaning players may match with others above or below their skill level.

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Another tactic deployed was to remove the trios mode altogether. This wasn’t taken too well by the community, hence it’s been reinstated back in Battle Royale and Zero Build. Over the next few weeks, the impact of team sizes will be judged by the devs, which may result in the vaulting and unvaulting of certain modes.

Furthermore, Epic also plans on resetting everyone’s rank once this season ends. Since Fortnite Ranked’s Season Zero is a test run, the developers want to re-level the playing field when C4S4 begins since most mechanics will be solidified by then. As of now, players have until v25.10 to complete their quests.

Some other changes players can expect are in the ranking system and certain gameplay adjustments as well. The threshold for achieving Elite and Champion ranks will be raised, alongside shifts to material caps and harvesting rates.

It seems like Fortnite Ranked will keep on evolving with time. Test it out by downloading the game from the official website.

Tanish Botadkar
Tanish Botadkar
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