Fortnite's collaboration with PAC-MAN has kicked off with new back bling and emote

Fortnite's collaboration with PAC-MAN has kicked off with new back bling and emote

The Fortnite x PAC-MAN collaboration has finally kicked off! While it isn’t like the collabs we’ve seen yet with skins, a tonne of items, a tournament, and all that, fans of the original arcade game will still be able to enjoy its entry into the battle royale. So, it seems as if PAC-MAN ate the idea of the legendary tier skin but hey, the good old days are still back in some way! 

Epic Games has really been knocking it out of the park with these crossovers as we’ve seen quite a few big names. We just saw the Star Wars crossover with the Obi-Wan Kenobi bundle and now one of the most played arcade games, be it on a literal machine or even a smartphone, most people will recognize PAC-MAN. Fortnite sure knows how to rake in fans from every genre.

As for the cosmetics, players can buy themselves the PAC-MAN Back Bling, which makes your back bling the ghost-eater or one of the ghosts that usually pursue the titular hero! There are five variants to choose from – PAC-MAN himself, or the ghosts – Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde. The awesome part about them is that their face/eyes move along with you. Moving up, down, left, or right will cause them to move the same way and they will even pixelate during landing and taking damage. The ghosts take it even further as they will turn to blue when players take damage, while they will become only eyes in the down but not out state. So much immersion!

The second and final part of the PAC-MAN kit is the PAC-Brained Emote which lets players take a little break and play the arcade game through a projection in their mind. Eat fruits and catch those pesky ghosts while the original music plays in the background!

It’s time to spend those V-bucks. Download Fortnite for free from the official website for Android or play by signing up on Xcloud for iOS.

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