Fortnite revamps an iconic skin from the past while also adding another to the Icon Series

Fortnite revamps an iconic skin from the past while also adding another to the Icon Series

The next few days see a few new cool skins added to Fortnite. We see another addition to the Icon Series and also one of the most infamous skins from the original season returns with a twist. Keep reading to find out more about them!

The skin, rather the Level Up Quest Pack that players can get their hands on, belongs to Omega Knight. All OG players who played the season four of Fortnite’s first chapter knows about this skin and how hard it was to fully level it up (I missed by two levels). But the legendary skin has returned with looks even more deadly now.

Besides being a beauty to look at, the pack also allows players to gain up to 28 levels if they complete all quests while also earning cosmetic items for the skins. Seven challenges will be released every week for four weeks and players can earn battle pass XP while also getting cosmetic items like Knight’s Torment Back Bling and Pickaxe, and the Aurum Eques style.

The second skin, belonging to the Icon Series is Chica, who will be available in the Item Shop from day after, May 7th. This outfit doesn’t come with just one look, but many as it features five unique styles – the Prismatic Streak Style, Royale Streak Style, Shades Style, and Hunter Mask Style, all giving Chica a different look. She also comes with her own Sar Back Bling and Aida’s Edge Pickaxe with a Royale Streak alt style. And if you want to dance over your enemy then be sure to get The Pollo Dance Emote.

Make sure you have those Vbucks as the Omega Knight skin is already in the shop while the Chica Set will be available soon. Android users can download Fortnite for free from Epic’s official website.

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