Forged Fantasy cheats and tips - Forging your ultimate team

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Forged Fantasy cheats and tips - Forging your ultimate team

Increase your team power and fast

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If you've been playing Forged Fantasy, the new traditional fantasy action game from Hothead Games, you'll know how important it is to have a formidable and capable team of characters to push through stages with.

There's spellcasters, blokes wielding big swords, a lad with a crossbow, and all manner of unusual and interesting monsters you can use to break through all of the stages in the game. But those characters are going to be useless unless you use the advice here to make each of those the best they can be.

Better skills, more damage, faster healing, less cooldowns, all of the good stuff that makes an essential part of an RPG team can be achieved with the advice we've amassed right here, and if you've just started playing Forged Fantasy then these are the tips that will get you through the campaign and fast.

Forged Fantasy

What's your team level?

Having individually powerful heroes is of course very important in Forged Fantasy if you're going to mow through all of those levels from the campaign standing in your way, but you need more than that. You need your overall Team Level to be higher.

Your Team Level is pretty precious, because it doesn't just affect your progression or anything like that, it actually prevents your individual heroes from becoming too much more powerful than one another.

Essentially, if your Team Level is 10, then your max level for any individual character is level 10. As simple as that. It's not powerful enough, is it? Damn right it's not.

Team Level is hard to increase by itself, but you can of course ensure all of your individual characters are fully levelled up to their new maximum each time you increase your Team Level. So if you see your Team Level increase, you know it's time to go through your roster and make sure your primary heroes are the best they can be.

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Fully levelled

This follow on from the last tip, but here's an important fact to remember: levelling all of your party you have in waiting isn't exactly the best way to spend your experience and items.

Basically, you know you can only take five characters into battle in any given level or PVP match, so why would you have a team of ten fully levelled characters? Yeah, you could swap them out regularly, but it's pretty likely you'll find your ideal team long before that point.

So basically, even if you have a massive abundance of experience, items and cash to spend, maybe keep saving if the only characters you can use it on are unlikely to ever be used. Eventually, all of that cash, experience and items will be useful for your main party, just give it time.

Completely equipped

Each character can equip a range of items, and these items will be incredibly important for the progress you make with your characters and how powerful they will ultimately become.

Yes, equipping characters with items will up their power level marginally, which is great, but more precious than that is that a fully equipped character can be promoted to take their abilities above their current level.

A one star character can rank up to two star, then three, and so on, and this will increase the longevity of the character, as these higher ranked characters will absolutely become more useful than their lower ranked counterparts. If you need evidence of that, just take your low rank team into PVP. Yikes.

Forged Fantasy

Very skilled

Each character has four unique skills - which we're pretty sure you will be well aware of, especially if you've read our full character list, thanks.

What you might not know if that these skills can individually be levelled up and made more powerful, which, yes, will become essential as you progress through the game.

This is especially true for healing skills and DPS characters, where the tiny changes the levelled up skills will do to HP can make a massive difference in the long run. Literally the differences between survival and death, victory and loss.

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