Forged Fantasy cheats and tips - A full list of EVERY hero

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Forged Fantasy cheats and tips - A full list of EVERY hero

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Forge forward towards our epic lists, because today we've got a big fat list of every single hero you can earn in Forged Fantasy.

The big new game from Hothead Games is well worth your time and can take hours and hours out of your day as you try and earn every hero, and these are the ones you'll want.

We've sorted the heroes by how many fragments you'll need to earn them, so take a look below and try to grab every single one for yourself.

This is a complete list so go for every single one, and remember you can Ctrl+F to find the hero you want quickly and easily.

There are one of three elemental types attributed to each hero, which are Fire, Water and Nature, in addition to their roles as close range or distanced fighters.

On top of that you'll have heroes better at healing, doing damage, or taking focus away from their team mates. Healers, DPS and Tanks, as you probably know them.

You'll easily be able to tell which heroes do what from their array of skills, which we've also listed below.

There are dozens of heroes to choose from, all taking form based on their elemental attribute. This means you'll have fancy water, fire and nature themed heroes to choose from, each with unique abilities, skills and attributes that will change the way you do battle.

The options open up even further when moving away from the campaign and onto PVP, so your hero selection will be even more important than ever. The moral here is that more heroes are better than less.

With a strong selection of powered up heroes at your side, taking on big challenges will be simple, all you have to do is forge your heroes to new heights.

Take a look at our list and choose the heroes that are best for you.

Forged Fantasy
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Your first three

Finish the tutorial and you'll get these three characters...

Name Type Element Abilities
Ram Frontline Soldier Fire Phoenix Smash
Rage of the Guard
Taking Credit
Bern Deadeye Ranger Fire Homing Arrows
Explosive Arrow
Stunning Arrows
Sharpened Eye
Aura Support Healer Water Healing Light
Marked Target
Blinding Attack
Healing Presence
Forged Fantasy

10 fragments

The first heroes you'll be aiming to earn.

Name Type Element Abilities
Spike Honorable Assassin Water Patient Shot
Ancestral Blessing
Stagger Blades
Calculated Throw
Venom Poison Master Nature Toxic Explosion
Overwhelming Fumes
Poison Master
Team Immunity
Undertow Water Warrior Water Righteous Shield
Group Shield
Bless Team
Overgrow Druid Shaman Nature Nature's Blood
Healing Sprite
Wolf's Eye
Nature's Storm
Gunsmoke Weapon Tinkerer Fire Torchstone Gunpowder
Risky Mag
Volatile Ammunition
Target Technique
Forged Fantasy

30 fragments

These are nice and easy to earn heroes who will become staples of your team.

Name Type Element Abilities
Hu Shen Fierce Princess Fire Scorched Earth
Heat Wave
Hot Hand
Ungol Snarling Warrior Fire Rising Fury
Bloody Roar
Eye for Pain
Barricade Master Craftsman Fire Scrap Defense
Powder Blast
Improvised Cover
Lady Black Dark Magic Nature Consuming Haze
Demon's Blood
Forged Fantasy

60 fragments

60 seems like a high number, but you'll unlock these in no time.

Name Type Element Abilities
Snaps Crude Ranger Nature Scattered Powder
Barbed Arrow
Jungle Crawler
Weeper Eternal Widow Water Hydrant
Tears of Recovery
Sand Ruby Nimble Disruptor Fire Snap Shot
Distraction Tactics
Empty Tank
Pick it Apart
Niu Niu Gentle Bull Water The Good Stuff
Mug Slam
Farewell Ritual
Under the Table
Oshka Overwhelming Force Fire Enrage
Death Below
Lust for Blood
Dominating Presence
Core Elemental Force Nature Ground Shaker
Force of Nature
Mineral Growth
Citadel Zealous Defender Water Protective Might
Bear Down
Pre-emptive Shield
Rose Armor
Seeper Orcish Medic Nature Blood for Blood
Herbal Healing
Applied Bloodletting
Tink Intellectual Strongarm Nature Whirlwind
Crystal Breach
Down to the Wire
Life Force
Forged Fantasy

165 fragments

165 fragments are required in order to unlock these heroes...

Name Type Element Abilities
Tidebreak Curious Force of Nature Water Mist Shield
Flood Waters
Mist Presence
Sea Change
Barrage Battle Mage Water Battle Prayer
Smite The Weak
Distraction Chorus
Personal Mantra
Elixir Support Gunner Fire Potent Mix
Stun Bomb
Out for Number One
Mutual Benefit
Stratus Valkyrie Warrior Nature Slash Strike
Kharmic Strike
Second Sight
Forged Fantasy

585 fragments

You'll need a lot of fragments to earn this sole hero...

Name Type Element Abilities
Warden Stalking Huntress Nature Power Shot
Magic String
Forged Fantasy
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