Forged Fantasy cheats and tips - Everything you need to earn more heroes

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Forged Fantasy cheats and tips - Everything you need to earn more heroes

Fantastical fantasy heroes to condemn the campaign

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Forged Fantasy has a lot of characters to earn. If you don't believe us, then you should take a good long look at our full list of every hero in the game. Did you like that? That's smart link placement and an excellent segue, frankly.

Right, back to business. There's lots of heroes in the game, and although the game will happily hand you a few to begin, that's not enough to keep you satisfied, is it? No, you need a team of five to fill up your squad, and many more just for the sake of completion, right? Hell yes you do, and that's why I'm here to help.

I understand the need for more. More characters, more powerful characters, and the biggest and baddest roster of fighters seen in any fantasy game. You'll need fragments, hero chests, and much more. But this is a great place to start, and using the tips here you'll quickly have a squad of five heroes, and soon many more than that.

Read on for all of the details you need to get more heroes for your money in Forged Fantasy.

Forged Fantasy

Hero chests

Yes yes, I know this is the obvious one but hear me out - it's important all the same. Hero chests are the fastest and easiest way to get new heroes, thanks to the fact that, well, it's a guaranteed hero.

Yep, this is not a case of having to buy multiple chests in the vain hope that you might get lucky and earn yourself the few hero fragments you need to unlock your latest champion. Gosh, no, that's much too long and far too frustrating of an experience.

Hero chests cost 300 of the premium gem currency, which can seem quite steep, but if you're an early adopter like we are (and playing this game at or near launch, like we are) you'll be given more than enough gems through quests, achievements, and the early adopter bonus to open yourself a chest instantly. Well, pretty early on, anyway.

This will contain a completely random hero, and if you're lucky, a powerful one that takes a bunch of fragments to unlock, therefore saving you a lot of time. We got Tidebreak, a hero that usually requires a bunch of fragment farming to earn. Let us know if you get lucky like we did in the comments below!

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Fragmented findings

Well we've spoken about them enough already, so yes, in case it wasn't obvious, fragments are a solid way to earn heroes, and will likely become your primary way of doing so, unless you invest a lot of money in premium currency…

The best thing to do is to go through the roster of heroes, and pick the hero you want to earn most - or perhaps the one you already have the most fragments for. You'll be able to see exactly which levels, or in which shop you'll be able to find more fragments for your desired hero.

It can be a lengthy process to get enough, but it's well worth it. For more details on how many fragments you need for heroes, make sure to take a look at our full character list.

Special events

Ah, don't say the developers can't be generous at times. Although it's true that getting new characters can be quite the task, there are special events the devs will give you to earn characters more easily.

As an example, there was recently an event where you were given a new hero simply for logging in. That's right, just for being a dedicated player, nothing more. And you really can't argue with that.

And of course, logging in and checking the game regularly will be how you can keep up to date with events in the game and ensure you are in possession of all of the heroes you deserve. Gotta catch 'em all.

Forged Fantasy

Questing for more

Questing is definitely the easiest and most predictable way to earn yourself specific fragments, and if you just desperately want a brand new hero right now, this is the best way to do it.

Check what quests or missions you have which offer up fragments, and, well, complete them. Earn those fragments from your Daily Quests and Achievements, and make sure you complete the campaign missions you have available which offer fragments.

You can just replay campaign missions over and over to earn fragments, or alternatively, you can quickplay to get rewards, or set your game to auto play through stages that they are powerful enough to complete with ease.

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