Dynamo Sports mobile game series kicks off with Football Tycoon

Nominated for IGF award already

Dynamo Sports mobile game series kicks off with Football Tycoon
| Football Tycoon

Football management games are probably more popular than those where you actually play the sport these days, so it’s no wonder Dynamo Games is debuting its new Dynamo Sports series with Football Tycoon - due out in May.

As we found out when talking to MD Brian McNicoll, the game doesn’t follow the usual sports management format, however. Instead, it follows on from the likes of Rollercoaster Tycoon and casts you in the role of a wealthy businessman with dreams of owning and operating a soccer team.

This naturally brings the business and promotion aspects to the surface, as well as the everyday training and sporting requirements.

“That Football Tycoon has already been short-listed for an industry award is testament to the creativity of our team and their ability to consistently produce fun, innovative titles for the thriving mobile market,” McNicoll explains.

The title boasts two expansive single player modes. Rags to riches Grass Roots, which tasks you with taking a small team to the top of the Tycoon Owner Rich List within 30 years, and Scenario Mode, which allows owners to tackle a variety of challenges, such as taking over a small club and pulling it out of administration.

Football Tycoon is also the only Java game to be nominated in the forthcoming Independent Games Festival Mobile’s award for best technical achievement.