Football Manager 2024 will release for iOS and Android through Netflix

Football Manager 2024 will release for iOS and Android through Netflix

Sega has announced this year's iteration of the popular football sim, Football Manager 2024. It will launch for iOS and Android as usual but, with a fairly notable difference – it's releasing exclusively on Netflix as part of the subscription service's ever-growing library of mobile games.

Arriving on November 6th, you will still be able to find Football Manager 2024 on the App Store and Google Play, but will need to log into your Netflix account after reaching the loading screen – the same as you would for any other Netflix game.

It's an interesting move for Sega, particularly given that the mobile Football Managers are usually premium games with additional in-app purchases. Although, it's not entirely surprising since Football Manager Touch 23 released on Apple Arcade.

While obviously not free since you need to have a Netflix subscription, it does lower the barrier of entry compared to the approach Sega has adopted for years.

As someone with a love for football, I've always been intrigued by Football Manager but have never stepped my toe into the series because the strategic side of my mind is beyond abysmal. However, since I'm a stalwart Netflix subscriber anyway, there's no real reason for me not to try and channel my inner Pep Guardiola now.

I assume other people are in the same situation. So, we might see a boost in downloads for Football Manager 2024 compared to usual. But whether or not those people stick around for the entire season remains to be seen.

Aside from the Netflix announcement, Sega hasn't revealed many more details about what changes we can expect from the latest entry in the series. We have to wait until October 23rd to hear more info about new features and functionality.

Football Manager 2024 will release on the App Store and Google Play on November 6th. To play it, you will need a Netflix subscription.

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Stephen Gregson-Wood
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