Distinctive steps up to the dead ball with Football Kicks for iPhone

Freemium game also coming to Android

Distinctive steps up to the dead ball with Football Kicks for iPhone
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Considering its heritage with the FIFA series for EA Mobile, not to mention its own recent release Bonecruncher Soccer on iPhone, UK developer Distinctive has a strong reputation when it comes to sports games.

That's something it's building on with Football Kicks.

On the spot

On one level, plenty of titles such as Flick Kick Football and Flick Football were released last year to coincide with the 2010 World Cup.

Distinctive's experience means it's taken a more realistic approach in terms of 3D graphics and animation.

In addition, this is a freemium game. That means you can download it for free, and collect the in-game currency - FK coins - by playing to unlock new stadiums and customise your player's kit.

Alternatively, you can buy coins priced 99c/59p for 1,000 or $1.99/£1.19 for 2,500. This also removes the in-game advertising.

Top right

As for the game's features, there are three modes: Beat the Wall, where you have to hit the targets while avoiding the players in the way; Beat the Clock, which gives you 60 seconds to score as many points as you can; and Sudden Death, in which you have to hit points on each kick to get another go.

In all cases, you flick the ball with your finger, the speed of the flick providing the power, and the direction of the flick, the direction of the kick.

Now available for iPhone and iPod touch, Football Kicks is also coming to Android as soon as Google enables in-app purchases.

You can see how it plays in the following video.

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