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Fold the World is a stunning new puzzler out now iOS


Fold the World is a stunning new puzzler out now iOS
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Fold the World is a unique new 3D puzzler out now on iOS that sends you on a journey across the Paper Kingdom to defeat the Lord of Darkness once and for all.

It tasks you with completing 60 handcrafted puzzles across three different paper-themed worlds that each feature hidden paths and unique twists to keep you engaged no matter your age.

It plays like a pop-up book from your childhood crossed with a traditional iPad puzzler. As the name suggests, you have to fold the world to help the springy hero Yolo navigate each level and collect all items along the way.

Every level was hand crafted and play-tested with actual paper then recreated digitally so it's an incredibly authentic experience. You'll also find lots of hidden clues that reveal more about the story as you play and explore the world.

It's a love letter to paper, really, with the tactile controls giving you the impression that your folding the real thing.

The levels themselves are themed on a variety of different paper-related activities. You'll use magic ink to light your way, bookmarks and sticky notes to help you navigate, as well as create full Origami designs.

Fold the World is out now in the App Store [download] in 11 different languages like English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and Russian.

You can learn more about Fold the World by visiting the official website.