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Flocc is a calming, meditative game about controlling a flock of birds

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Flocc is a calming, meditative game about controlling a flock of birds
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It’s always nice to see something different pop up on the App Store, something that you can comfortably say isn’t much like anything else out there, something like Joe Lillington’s Flocc.

This one initially sees you controlling a flock of starlings while looking for other birds and exploring a variety of distinct, silhouetted landscapes. It excels at being a calming, meditative experience, with a deeply atmospheric soundtrack courtesy of UK-based band The Hardy Tree.

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It actually launched all the way back in February, but we unfortunately missed it at the time. Thankfully, it’s since been cast back into the limelight by the power of Twitter.

The game comes to us from Joe Lillington, an illustrator and author from the UK. From what I can see, this is his first title to appear on the App Store. I’ve added the link to his site above as I really enjoyed checking out his art, which covers everything from space ships to dragons to a young boy caring for his injured dog.

Flocc is super accessible, with streamlined controls that allow you to direct your flock and create impressive patterns in the sky. There are five distinct locations to adventure through, all with procedurally generated scenery and backgrounds. While you might hear that and worry that it could look a little bland, the environments all retain a hand-crafted feel.

As you explore, you’ll add new types of bird to your ever-expanding flock, and there are 30 logbook achievements in total to complete. If you want to capture the moment, the screenshot function allows you to easily save and share pictures of your flock and the patterns you’ve created.

Flocc is available now for download over on the App Store. It’s a premium app priced at £1.99, which means no ads or IAPs to ruin the mood. Be sure to check this one out if you haven’t already.

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