Nintendo preps animation app Flipnote Studio for DSiWare

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Nintendo preps animation app Flipnote Studio for DSiWare
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So here’s an interesting little application that’s coming out via the DSiWare channel sometime soon. Flipnote Studio enables you to create your own animations and share them with to the world via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. And it’s going to be free.

As is the way with such programs, it takes some time to get used to using it however.

Basically, what you do is draw an image, then copy and slightly edit it to create the next frame of animation. Neatly, you have a lightbox option so you can see a greyed out version of the original image to use as a reference while you’re working.

Then keep copying and changing your images until you’ve built up a chain, which you can then save and play back as an animated movie.

But you do have to either be good at drawing or imaginative in terms of your artistic vision (oh, yes darling!). This is because you use your stylus to draw the images you want to animate. Tools to do this include the ability to draw lines of various thicknesses and colours, a paint or fill tool, and an eraser.

You can also add audio via the DSi’s microphone or take photos using the cameras, which will be converted into a hand-drawn style.

It’s certainly an interesting package, but it seems likely to find most favour with people who are already into making animations. At least they can post their results online for everyone else to marvel at.

Flipnote Studio - which we think may have a different name in Europe - it will be out in North America during the summer.