Flick Kick Goalkeeper saves the match on iPhone and iPad

Worth Cech-ing out?

Flick Kick Goalkeeper saves the match on iPhone and iPad
| Flick Kick Goalkeeper

For those you who familiar with PikPok's Flick Kick series, the news of another entry will either be exciting or daunting - depending on your previous level of life-sucking addiction.

However, our first impressions suggest that controlling the man between the sticks lacks that thrill of thwacking a ball 30 yards round a wall into the net. I can't think why.

There are a few power ups to mix it up, like adding defenders to help protect your goal or increasing your size, but seeing as you can only jump in five directions, this entry lacks the dynamic feel of Flick Kick Football.

And it's hard. But then you don't hear Buffon complaining that 'the ball goes too fast', do you?

It doesn't reach the dizzying height of PikPok's other games, and there isn't much to it, but it's free - so check it out if you're still tempted.

Flick Kick Goalkeeper
Tom Cooper
Tom Cooper
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