App Army Assemble- Fire Emblem: Heroes

Nintendo + mobile games = disappointment

App Army Assemble- Fire Emblem: Heroes

Each week, we get early access to an exciting upcoming mobile game and give it to a select few hardened mobile gaming experts that make up the App Army. We then feed these thoughts back to you, our audience, so you know whether it's worth your time or not. Gamer to gamer.

The App Army take on Fire Emblem: Heroes, Nintendo's second attempt at mobile gaming comes in the form of an F2P RPG.

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Laura Egri

It's a classic grid battle RPG with typical rock-paper-scissors attacks and powers. The graphics are great, combining PC/console anime characters onto mobile.

The battles are simplistic and strategy doesn't play much of a role in gameplay. If you are looking for a casual RPG then this is it, but if you are looking for engaging combat then don't bother.


Fire Emblem: Heroes is another F2P game based on a popular IP with one main objective, drain your wallet. I am not a fan of F2P games that require purchases or energy to keep playing.

If you are an F2P fan, then this could be for you.

Chase Geier

The game is well polished and plays well. However, I finished all nine story chapters in the day it came out. There are other things to do to keep me entertained but not for long.

The game seems to be more of a novelty then a full feature, with replayability quite low.

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