Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding hits the mobile slopes

Japanese mobile RPG fans go on the piste… again?

Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding hits the mobile slopes

Final Fantasy VII isn't known for its spin offs – Square Enix is generally too protective of its massively popular RPG franchise. But reports are circulating regarding Japanese mobile gamers being treated to a snowboarding iteration of the fantasy mega-game. To be fair, this isn't so much of a spin-off as a partial adaptation, being a mobile port of the mini-game featured in the console title.

The strange thing is this (apparently) same game was promoted by Square Enix way back in 2005. The screenshots seem to match up, but whether we're looking at a re-release, a revamp or a news reporting anomaly, it's difficult to say. From Kotaku to Mobile Entertainment and even the Japanese source, Game Watch, reports of Final Fantasy VII: Snowboarding for the mobile are cropping up all over.

And, to be fair, looking at the splash screen on the Game Watch report (below) the copyright notice against Square Enix's name does say 2008, so right now it's anyone's guess.

Old or new, we're quite interested in seeing a copy, as this looks like a pretty decent snowboarding game and we're generally big fans of anything Final Fantasy.

We'll see what we can do to uncover more info, so hit the 'Track It!' button for more developments as they come in.