Final Fantasy VI now available for PSP

The FF series continues to envelop your handheld

Final Fantasy VI now available for PSP
| Final Fantasy VI

The Final Fantasy series is rapidly making its way onto the PSP title by title. The last two months saw FFIV and FFV hit the Sony handheld, both receiving great reviews from Pocket Gamer.

Now the next instalment in the saga has been ported over, with Final Fantasy VI now available for PSN in Europe.

Originally released in 1994, the adventure features Chocobos and Zeppelins this time around, with a whole host of classic FF characters, spells, and weapons.

The race of Espers are about to return and wage a devastating war unlike anything seen before. With dozens of hours' worth of play and a price point of £7.99, this is most likely going to be another must-have for all RPG fans.

We will, of course, have a review very soon.