Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series announces Final Fantasy V coming to mobile on November 10th

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series announces Final Fantasy V coming to mobile on November 10th

SQUARE ENIX Ltd. has just announced the upcoming release of the next title in the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series - Final Fantasy V. The faithful 2D pixel remaster will land on both iOS and Android devices - as well as on Steam - on November 10th, letting players revisit the popular game with revamped pixel graphics and upgraded audio.

In the pixel remaster of Final Fantasy V, players can expect the same exhilarating depth of job customization from the original title, letting everyone select jobs freely to suit their tastes. It also builds on the popular Active Time Battle system that debuted in its predecessor.

Improvements for the new version will include redrawn pixel graphics that have been updated for modern devices, along with rearranged soundtracks as overseen by the legendary OG composer, Nobuo Uematsu. It will also feature quality-of-life improvements such as modernized UIs, better gameplay, auto-fight options, and cool extras. This includes an illustration gallery, a music player, and a bestiary.

Finally, the pixel remaster will feature a much-awaited ability to save the game at any time, making sure that players don't lose their hard-earned progress in the game.

For Steam players who pre-order the game, you can enjoy additional perks such as three specially rearranged music tracks on top of the 20% discount. If you're eager to know more and to stay updated on all the latest developments, you can visit the official website for all the hottest info. You can also check out the other titles in the series with updated pixel graphics, or join the community of followers over on the Facebook page to stay privy to all the newest announcements.

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