Can't get a SNES Mini? Here are 8 SNES games you can play on mobile instead

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Can't get a SNES Mini? Here are 8 SNES games you can play on mobile instead
| Final Fantasy IV

The SNES Mini was released in the UK last week. If you don't know what it is, it's a super deformed version of Nintendo's classic 16bit console. It comes loaded with a whole bunch of games, and it's really difficult to get one.

But if you've bagged one and you're interested in more SNES games, or if you haven't managed and you're feeling sad, we've gone and made a list of the best SNES games you can play on mobile. We've even provided links so you can get them quicker.

If you think we've missed any out, then feel free to add your suggestions in the comments at the bottom of the article. And yes, we know emulators exist.

Dragon Quest V - buy on iOS / Android

The first of the three main Dragon Quest games released on the SNES. I'm not going to get into the naming conventions here because we just don't have time. Bear in mind this isn't the SNES original, it's a port of the DS port. Clear? As mud.

At review we said "one of the most beloved classic Dragon Quest games has made the transition to mobile incredibly well. For the most part," and gave the game a Gold Award.

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Dragon Quest VI - buy on iOS / Android

The second DQ game to make it to the SNES. And again, it's a port of the DS port of the game, but if we weren't including ports of ports this would be a pretty short list.

At review we gave it a Silver Award and called the game "a flawed but essentially engaging glimpse into the past," adding that "Dragon Quest VI has just enough charm to see you through."

Final Fantasy IV - buy on iOS / Android

There are a lot of Square Enix games on this list. But honestly I'm doing the best I can. This one is considered by some to be the greatest FF game ever made. And yes, it's a port of a port. Sorry.

This one got a Silver Award at review too, and said "while it still has all the quirks and flaws of the traditional JRPG genre, Final Fantasy IV continues to shine for its intoxicating sense of adventure and surprisingly interesting plot."

Final Fantasy V
- buy on iOS / Android

Sometimes I think FFV is the forgotten child of the series. Everyone loves IV, everyone loves VI, but V just sort of sits there looking a bit sad and careworn. Still, this one isn't a port of a port, it's a repolished version of the original.

It bagged itself a Silver Award and review, and said "Final Fantasy V might not represent the high point of the series, but Square Enix's sympathetic graphical overhaul and that ever-engrossing job system mean that it feels surprisingly fresh in 2013."

Final Fantasy VI - buy on iOS / Android
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A lot of people's favourite FF game. It represents the point where 2D games were on the way out, and developers were free to focus on making the last generation of them super interesting. And this is another polish job rather than a port.

Once again we whacked a Silver Award on its face at review and called it "A new port for a new generation." Adding that "the majority of changes in Final Fantasy VI are welcome ones, and the captivating story of the original shines through all the same."

Chrono Trigger - buy on iOS / Android

As far as I'm concerned you can keep your FF and DQ games. Chrono Trigger is the best JRPG of the 16bit era. I'm not bothered. Come and fight me. And this port is just as good.

At review we said "This is a game that was sired when the company was arguably at its absolute peak, and as such remains a glittering example of how to create a truly classic RPG," and gave the game a Silver Award.

Secret of Mana - buy on iOS / Android

Oh look it's another Square Enix RPG. Honestly, I really did try to make this list interesting, but there's only so much one can do with the cards that are dealt. It's ace, don't get me wrong, but you've probably already played it, and this isn't the greatest port ever.

At review we gave it a Bronze Award and called the game "a charming adventure packed with memorable characters, scenarios, and gameplay," adding that "Secret of Mana remains enjoyable in spite of control issues and minor audio quirks."

Mega Man X
- buy on iOS

Finally, a game that isn't a JRPG. And it's almost certainly the worst of the bunch. I'm sorry I couldn't be more useful, I really am. Mega Man X was a series of games set a century after the events of the original games. It's a platformer. It's okay on mobile.

At we review we said "the classic original shines through in places, but its greatness is mostly clouded by a poor-quality port."