JRPG classic Final Fantasy IV is now available for Android


JRPG classic Final Fantasy IV is now available for Android

Sometimes, being an Android gamer can be a frustrating existence.

Even though you might have the most powerful phone in the world in your palm, the best games always seem to end up on the App Store first.

And so it goes with Square Enix's Final Fantasy IV.

You see, the iOS version of this revamped RPG went live on Apple's digital marketplace last December. Fast-forward six months, and Squeenix has just launched the 'droid version of Final Fantasy IV.

Not fair, really, innit.

In our review of the iOS version, we praised Square Enix for Final Fantasy IV's "intoxicating sense of adventure and surprisingly interesting plot". We then gave the studio a Silver Award for its efforts.

In Final Fantasy IV, Squeenix tells the story of Cecil, a conflicted captain of the Red Wings airship fleet who finds himself torn between loyalty and honour.

Cue lots of random battles, soul-searching, and a face-off against an all-powerful evil. That all might sound rather generic, but Final Fantasy IV does actually boast a pretty mature, intriguing plot, especially when you consider the game originally came out in 1991.

Final Fantasy IV is available from the Google Play Store right now for £10.99 [buy].

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