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Caverns of the Snow Witch

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Caverns of the Snow Witch

Sometimes adventure gamebooks aren't quite paced right for mobile play. It's pretty easy to wander through some of them without feeling like you've made any choices that actually matter.

Caverns of the Snow Witch isn't one of them though. It's a romp from start to finish. You're dodging avalanches, clashing with yetis, and dealing with mischievous sorcerers pretty much every other page.

And it's all propped up by Tin Man Games's excellent gamebook engine. The dice rattle true, there's plenty of options to set the difficulty, and the whole thing is as shiny as we've come to expect.

We met Yeti-gain

The game is set in the snowy North and sees you playing a warrior plunged into a conspiracy to cover the world in a new ice age.

You solve problems by rolling dice, and the game runs all the maths you need under the hood. Scraps see you rolling two sets of dice at once - red ones for the bad guys and white ones for you.

All of the usual tricks are in place. You can shake your device if you don't like the look of a result and the dice scatter again. You've got to accept the second result though.

There are three options to choose from at the start of your playthrough, letting you experience the game like its pen and paper counterpart, or tweak a few things to make is much harder or much easier.

Ice, ice, lady

Caverns of the Snow Witch is a classic gamebook, and this digital version reinvigorates it for a digital generation.

It's fast, it's fun, and its story of icy tundra and giant dragons is worth sticking with until the end.

This is a great Fighting Fantasy jumping on point, and while it's still a slightly clichéd fantasy trundle, it's engaging enough to grip you until the final word.

Caverns of the Snow Witch

A snow bound adventure that keeps you enthralled from first to last, Caverns of the Snow Witch is well worth a look