Fight Night Round 3 comes to mobile

EA Mobile's next game packs quite a punch

Fight Night Round 3 comes to mobile
| Fight Night Round 3

We had a sneaky play on EA Mobile's Fight Night Round 3 at the CES show in January, but the game now has an official European release planned for April.

And it's a shuddering punchfest of a game too, letting you create and customise a boxer, before taking them up the rankings to become world champion.

British boxer Ricky Hatton is one of the ten featured pugilists, along with Oscar de la Hoya. In the US version, Roy Jones Jr and Bernard Hopkins also feature, but it's not been confirmed yet if this'll be the same for Europe.

You'll be able to throw jabs, hooks and haymakers, along with a secret special move to call your mother into the ring to attack your opponent with a shoe. Okay, that last one's not true. But it should be.

There will be five different venues to fight in, and pre-bout press conferences, weigh-ins and training sessions will also feature. Click 'Track It' for a reminder when we get our (heavily-padded) mitts on the game.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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