FIFA 10 iPhone hits the pitch

Now available on the App Store

FIFA 10 iPhone hits the pitch

UPDATE: Pocket Gamer's FIFA 10 iPhone review is now live. As promised, FIFA 10 has arrived on the App Store early this morning.

Touting a £5.99/$9.99 price, the game marks the mammoth franchise's debut on iPhone and iPod Touch.

No introductory sale as we had hoped, though the price still looks to be more than justified if our recent hands on with the game is any indication.

Beyond an authentic slate of leagues, teams, and players, FIFA 10 promises gameplay mechanics to rival the high-scoring antics of Gameloft's Real Football 2010.

The series has always been more technical than its competitors, a tradition that looks to continue in this touch-enabled iteration. Despite the limitations of a virtual control stick and buttons, FIFA 10 still offers a wide range of manoeuvres and intuitive tap-to-control player controls.

One feature which is absent from the release is online multiplayer, though the game does support local wi-fi matches. EA Mobile has not confirmed whether network play is in development.

FIFA 10 is available now on the App Store for £5.99/$9.99.
Tracy Erickson
Tracy Erickson
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