FIFA 10 kicks off on iPhone October 2

That's next Friday

FIFA 10 kicks off on iPhone October 2
| FIFA 10 (iPhone)

In exactly a week's time, FIFA 10 will appear for sale on the App Store Friday, October 2 says EA Mobile.

No price has been announced for the game, though we anticipate a £5.99/$9.99 sticker. It's likely a first day sale will lower the price a few marks in following the Madden NFL 10 strategy.

As we noted in our hands on preview, FIFA 10 looks to be a serious competitor to Real Football 2010 with lavish attention to detail and more realistic play.

Full commentary, a licensed soundtrack, and authentic leagues, teams, and players certainly give FIFA 10 an edge over its rival. EA Mobile boasts that the game contains 30 leagues, 570 teams, and 12,620 players.

Of particular note is the new Be A Pro mode that has you controlling an individual player across multiple seasons. Gameloft featured a similar mode of play in its game entitled Enter the Legend.

It's not a total shutout, though, as EA Mobile has opted out of launching with online multiplayer. According to the game's product sheet, only local wi-fi matches will be supported. Not even Bluetooth play is offered.

We'll have a full review next week following the game's Friday release to the App Store.

Tracy Erickson
Tracy Erickson
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