FIFA 08 goes live for N-Gage

And there's more details on Nokia's release schedule

FIFA 08 goes live for N-Gage
| FIFA 08

Today is the official launch day for Nokia's N-Gage platform, although the application actually went live on Thursday evening. And there's an extra game for those of us who got in early.

EA Mobile's FIFA 08 is available as of this morning, as a free trial with options to buy the full version for £8, a seven-day pass for £4, or a one-day pass for £1.50.

The other games available today are Brain Challenge, Asphalt 3: Street Rules, World Series of Poker Pro Challenge, Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep, and System Rush: Evolution.

The Pocket Gamer team has been getting to grips with Brain Challenge and Asphalt 3 over the weekend, so expect reviews imminently, as well as initial impressions of FIFA 08.

Nokia has also confirmed its release plans, albeit without a detailed roadmap. Seven games are promised to be following the launch titles "closely", and they are: Tetris, The Sims 2 Pets, Block Breaker Deluxe, Dogz, Snakes Subsonic, Space Impact: Kappa Base, and Mile High Pinball.

And just as a reminder, Nokia has confirmed another 19 upcoming N-Gage titles, although they've all been previously announced. They are:

  • DChoc Café Solitaire 12-Pack (Digital Chocolate)
  • DChoc Café Sudoku (Digital Chocolate)
  • DChoc Café Hold' Em Poker (Digital Chocolate)
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour (EA Mobile)
  • Brothers In Arms (EA Mobile)
  • Midnight Pool (Gameloft)
  • The Dark Knight (Glu Mobile)
  • Super Slam Ping Pong (Glu Mobile)
  • Super Mah Jong (I-play)
  • World Rally Championship (I-play)
  • Bounce Boing Voyage (Nokia)
  • Creebies (Nokia)
  • Dirk Dagger and the Fallen Idol (Nokia)
  • Pro Series Golf (Nokia)
  • ONE (Nokia)
  • Yamake (Nokia)
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (THQ Wireless)
  • Worms World Party (THQ Wireless)
  • Crash Bandicoot (Vivendi Games Mobile)

(Plus don't forget Nokia's top-secret Project White Rock, which is due to be unveiled pretty soon.)