Fieldrunners HD heading to Amazon Appstore 'soon'

Last-minute deal bags a two-week exclusive

Fieldrunners HD heading to Amazon Appstore 'soon'
| Fieldrunners HD

Bad news first - Fieldrunners HD which we reported would be heading to the Android Market today is not, in fact, on the Android Market.

The reason is a bit more complicated than simply ‘Will wrote the wrong distribution service’, although if you’re short of time you can imagine that and skip to the end where I tell you how non-US people can download it when it does arrive on the Amazon Appstore.

Change of plan

Developer Subatomic has told us it initially wanted the game to launch for free on the Android Market and then raise the price at a later date - as thank you for early adopters and their fans.

Unfortunately, rules of the Market mean that you can’t change an initially free app into a paid one, so it was forced to change to the 99c - $2.99 model we originally reported.

However, now, at the 11th hour, Amazon has stepped in and finalised a deal that will allow the developer to persue its initial pricing plan, which - understandably - it's accepted.

This has had the unfortunate side-effect of knocking the release date back.

Currently all we know is that it will be coming 'soon', and will be a two-week exclusive to Amazon, which is still only officially available in the US.

Don’t be despondent if you’re not in the US of A though, as you can check out this handy How To for a possible solution to get your hands on Amazon's booty.